Company Services

Aminata & Sons, Inc. is primarily involved with the importation, distribution and sales of petroleum products on the Liberian market. Our services extend to a wide range of private and public domains, meeting the needs of private individuals, government agencies, NGOs and other companies. These services include operational filling stations, coupon services, bulk sales, and lubricant sales to companies and other local dealers of petroleum products. We also provide after sales services including filtration and tank cleaning services for our corporate clients doing bulk purchases.

Summary of Services

  • Petroleum products importation
  • Petroleum products distribution
  • Petroleum products sales
  • Petroleum products coupon services
  • Petroleum product bulk sales to customers and local dealers
  • Tank Installation
  • Tank Cleaning and Filtration services
  • Sale of lubricants

We have sucessfully afforded solutions to the petroleum needs of our clients since our inception; thus affirming our reliability and becoming a major brand name in the Liberian petroleum sector.