Employee Empowerment

Aminata strives to build a family of professionals through academic financial assistance and internal performance-based advancements. Our staff who wish to achieve higher education can do so through some of the benefits offered by our Human Resourses department. We have several success stories that exemplify the way Aminata has helped improve the lives of those within its employ. We want to use this medium to highlight the stories of two of these individuals, Gabriel M. Gbomie and Odeeks B. Kawala.

Congratulations Gabriel M. Gbomie

Gabriel began his employment with Aminata as a Pump Attendant from 2007-2011. His hardwork and trustworthy character allowed him to advance to Station Supervisor from 2011-2012. It is in this capacity that Gbomie truly stood out amongst his peers and was quickly promoted to Station Manager and has served this role since 2012, causing our new Duport Road Station, opened in 2015, to exceed volume expectations in less than three months.

Congratulations Odeeks B. Kawala

Truly inspirational is the story of Kawala, who started his career at Aminata as an Office Assistant in 2006 while attending the University of Liberia in pursuit of an Accounting degree. During this time, he also served as a Dispatch Officer. After completing his degree, Kawala applied for the position of Accountant and was well received, serving in the Coupons department from 2010-2012. He was later transferred to the Accounts department and has since served as one of the company's Accountants since 2012 with several core responsibilities emanating from his office.